Dori Media Spike packages, produces and operates the main movie channels on the Israeli cable TV platform, HOT.

Founded in July 2007, Dori Media Spike is one of the largest independent content companies in Israel and is widely considered one of Israel’s most professional television content companies.

Dori Media Spike, a joint venture between Dori Media Group (DMG) and Spike Communications that combines DMG’s knowledge in the business of TV channels both in Israel and internationally and Spike 2K Communication’s expertise in creating and maintaining high profile television channels.

Dori Media Spike has surpassed client expectations in Israel by excelling in every aspect of channel production and within a short period after launching ten movie channels on the HOT platform, generated impressive market viewing shares, elevated HOT’s image and increased subscriber/customer satisfaction.

Dori Media Spike offers a full range of services, from channel management, development, branding, and acquisitions, including securing ‘catch-up’ rights, through to on-air promotion, marketing and PR. Dori Media Spike is also a consulting company for international and local clients in these areas.

Among the specialized services offered, are cost analyses and set up of cost effective standards and procedures for channels on multi-channel platforms. The company is driven by three goals when approaching a channel’s needs: to build brand awareness, promote viewer loyalty, and achieve optimal viewing levels.

The production and operation of the successful movie channels currently on the cable platform, the largest multi-channel service in Israel, have gained Dori Media Spike a reputation for making channels stand out locally and have resulted in increased subscriber satisfaction and improved platform image.

The company is staffed by experienced, hard-working individuals who work to a channel’s benefit by combining Western standards with industry savvy. It’s all about “spiking it”: helping customers achieve their vision by doing it right from the start.

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