Dori Media to exhibit new formats at Discop 2016

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New portfolio accompanied by hit show “Power Couple” and the award winning “El Marginal”. New formats include crime drama “Dumb”, the game show formats “The Best of All” & “Intuition”, and comedy “Game Over”

Dori Media Group announces that it will present a range of new formats at Discop 2016, which will be held on November 2-4, 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group commented: “We are delighted to bring a unique library of award-winning content to Africa’s number one TV and film market. “Power Couple” continues to generate a lot of attention both in terms of its ratings successes and its growing international sales. South Africa’s M-NET blazed a trail by taking on Power Couple as the first Israeli non-scripted format to go on air in South Africa, and we expect more sales to follow. Our new formats have as much chance to become hits in the African market as we continue to introduce a catalogue that offers diversity of choice and very cost effective solutions when it comes to localizing content.”

New crime drama “Dumb” is among the new titles Dori Media will present at Discop 2016. The show follows a frustrated and stoned 30 year old actress “you can’t help but love” (“Ynet”) who shuns the limelight in order to work as an undercover cop by impersonating a high school student. Her aim is to help her ex-boyfriend, who has been arrested and charged with drug dealing. “Dumb” has already received glowing reviews from top publications. “Haaretz” noted its “excellent acting” calling it “original television”, whilst “Israel Today” thought it was “absolutely fabulous”.

The Shiny Floor Game show “The Best of All”, produced by Abot Hameiri, to be aired on the leading Israel channel, Channel 2 (Reshet) this month. The show tests the theory that a crowd of people will answer a question correctly more often than an individual, and even an expert. This show pits hundreds of people against individuals answering visual questions for money. Furthermore, the creators of “Smart Face” bring a new street game show format to life for Discop, “Intuition”. Challenging contestants to use their intuition alone to answer 10 questions about a stranger they meet in the street to try and win up to $10,000!

Alongside the new formats Dori will also present the Séries Mania 2016 Grand Prix winning crime drama “El Marginal”, a co-production from Underground Producciones and TV Publica, created by Sebastian Ortega, and the successful international hit reality TV format “Power Couple” by Abot Hameiri. El Marginal premiered on TV Publica in Argentina in June, where it has gone on to more than triple its timeslot ratings on the channel. “Power Couple” has achieved outstanding success, with nine international sales, most recently to RTL Croatia. Notable ratings success for “Power Couple” includes:

  • The show has achieved hit status in Israel, where it improved the rating of its 9:00 PM timeslot by 81% on average;
  • In Germany, it has secured a winning timeslot among those aged between 14 and 49;
  • In Hungary, it has achieved an audience share of 27.2% in the very competitive 7:00 pm slot;
  • In Brazil, the show increased its timeslot ratings by 38% and a second season has been commissioned; and
  • In Slovenia, the show has achieved a 27% viewing share on its channel.

Endorsements of “Power Couple” gathered from the market include:

Péter Kolosi’s Deputy CEO, Director of Programming at RTL Hungary: “We are really delighted with the success of Power Couple which gives an amazing boost to the start of our Autumn season. The show has become a firm favorite with the Hungarian audience and makes our prime time leadership even stronger with the show peaking at a 27.2% share in the very competitive 7 pm slot. I am sure that there is a great international future ahead of the format.”

Marcelo Silva, Artistic Vice President, TV Record Brazil: “Power Couple reality show was one of Record´s successes in 2016. The TV show, a produced by Floresta production, was hosted by Roberto Justus. According Kantar IBOPE Grande SP, more than 62 million people watched the reality show. It was also a success on social networks, trending on multiple sites when it aired. Furthermore, TV critics wrote on the innovative nature of the format. A second season is scheduled for 2017.

Frank Rendez, Press reviewer, RTL Television: “Das Sommerhaus der Stars – Kampf der Promipaare”, the local version of Power Couple, clearly and consistently achieved the highest market share with an average rate of 13.8% in the target group of 14-49 year-olds. On social media the show was the number one trending topic on Twitter in Germany every Wednesday night while the show was running.”

A synopsis for each show that will be presented at Discop 2016 by Dori Media Group can be found below.


Dori Media Presents at Discop 2016:

Dumb – Crime Drama (50X35min)

A crime drama about a 30 year old frustrated and stoned actress who is stuck with the body and appearance of a teenager and hates it. She sees herself as dumb, leading a mundane life, without friends or dreams. All she has is her boyfriend, who later dumps her and gets arrested for dealing drugs. Determined to save him, she joins the police as an undercover agent posing as a high-school senior class student. Blinded by love and power, she soon crosses the line becoming the new target of investigation. In way over her head, playing the role of her life, she realizes for the first time that she is not, in fact, dumb.

Produced by Dori Media Darset for HOT.


The Best of All – Shiny-Floor Game Show

Theory states that the average of the answers from a large audience to a question will be a more precise evaluation than any one opinion, even that of a professional‫. “The Best of All”, a new shiny floor game show, is there to find out if the «Wisdom of the Crowd» theory really works. How many people make a «crowd»? It depends… There is no one answer… In “The Best of All”, a large group of people compete against individual studio participants. All the questions in the game are amusing visual questions (video segments), questions with a WOW factor, questions that are fun to watch even if you’re not participating in the game.


Intuition – Street Game Show

From the creator of the international success “Smart Face”, comes another fun street format! “Intuition” is a new game show where you don’t need to know anything, all you need is strong intuition. Can ordinary people on the street guess your personality and history just by looking at you? Is this woman married or single? How much money does this man have in his wallet? Can you judge a book by its cover? …and answer 10 questions based on intuition alone? Every episode comprises of games where one contestant answers 10 questions about a random person they meet for the first time and can win up to $10,000!


Game Over – Comedy (6X30min)

A hilarious sitcom, a peek into the life of stand-up comedian, Mickey, just before his wedding. Everyone, his grandmother, his parents, and especially his bride get swept up into planning an event with a major budget and many guests. In between scenes we see parts of Mickey’s stand-up in front of a live audience and hear his own point of view about how his relationship has changed as the big day approaches. We see him turn his personal conflicts into jokes for the audience, as he tries to find the silver lining in all this. Season 2 already commissioned.


El Marginal – Crime Drama (13X45min)

The series focuses on the story of Miguel Dimarco, an ex-cop who enters the San Onofre prison under a false identity as a convict. His mission is to infiltrate a gang of prisoners who have kidnapped the daughter of a prominent judge. Miguel must discover the whereabouts of the girl and help set her free. He meets the objective but someone betrays him, leaving him behind bars with no witnesses who know his true identity. Miguel will soon realize that the only way to save his life and recover his identity is to escape with the help of an unexpected ally, Anna, a social worker who works in the prison. A co-production from Underground Producciones and TV Publica, created by Sebastian Ortega with exclusive worldwide distribution by Dori Media Group.


Power Couple – Reality Show

Created by Abot Hameiri, one of the leading production houses in the Israeli television market, “Power Couple” is a reality format where eight couples face extreme challenges that test how well they really know each other. It has already proved to be a huge hit, both in its home market of Israel and internationally. In Israel, the format improved Channel 10’s average time slot ratings by 81% during its airing. It has already been sold to nine countries across the globe and is the first Israeli non scripted format to go on air in South Africa. In Brazil after first season achieved a 38% rating increase and a second season has since been commissioned. It was produced by Abot Hameiri for Channel 10 Israel.


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