Power Couple

Shiny Floor Game Show

An exciting new prime time reality format that puts love to the test like you’ve never seen before! The couple’s emotions, humor, tensions and love come into play.

In this game, couples who are confident in themselves and believe in their relationship can turn that into a lot of money. In this game, the winning couple’s relationship determines the size of the prize. 8 couples – 1 villa – 6 weeks – 12 programs.

3 assignments in each cycle: Men’s, Women’s & Couples’. In the Men’s Assignment each of the women bets on the success of her partner in the assignment without the men knowing the sum of the bet. Success in the assignment doubles the betting sum while failure in the assignment deducts the betting sum. The same then takes place with the women. At the end of the two assignments (men and women), the couple who has accumulated the lowest sum of money is up for elimination from the villa. The third assignment is the Couples’ Assignment which empowers the relationship and tests the cooperation between the partners. Two couples are now up for elimination – the couple who came in last in the assignment and the couple that accumulated the lowest sum of money. The other couples vote and decide which of the two couples will remain in the villa and in the game.

The eliminated couples leave the villa with nothing… The winning couple takes all the money they have accumulated!

Power Couple – All in on Love!