Dori Media Group to present new entertainment formats and series at MIPCOM 2013

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The brand new “Enigma”, “The Village”, “Duel Games” and “The Invisible Man”, as well as second seasons of “New York” and “En Terapia”, among a strong catalogue of productions to be presented by Dori Media.

Dori Media Group (“DMG”), the international media company active in the field of television, with a focus on production, distribution, broadcasting and merchandising of daily dramas, Telenovela and entertainment shows, announces that at Mipcom 2013, it will present brand new distribution formats, which include reality TV format “The Village”, the new daily drama “Enigma” and the game shows formats “The Invisible Man” and “Duel Games”. Mipcom 2013 will be held on October 7-10, 2013, in Cannes, France.

The Village” is a prime time reality series of 20 episodes produced by Abot Barkai Productions, which will premiere on Channel 10 Israel in October. The format shows families from different socio-economic backgrounds giving up their modern home comforts to move to an uninhabited area. DMG will showcase other new formats including daily drama “Enigma”, produced by Dori Media Darset, the celebrity game show “The Invisible Man” as well as a street game format “Duel Games”, created by Ami Glam. “Enigma” centres on the trials and tribulations of a comic strip artist, who’s in love with a girl that is a figment of his imagination. “The Invisible Man”, a Russian format produced by AVK Productions and distributed by Dori Media, is a show where experts from a variety of fields have to identify a celebrity whom they cannot see or communicate with. “Duel Games”, is another new game show format, which brings task-based dueling to the streets.

Dori Media will also exhibit a selection of other new and unique reality TV formats, which include “Family Restart”, a reality show giving estranged families the chance to reconnect, and “The Caravan”, where families take life changing journeys to reunite with one another after years of living apart.

The new launches will be accompanied by the second seasons of successful crime drama and Accolade Competition winner “New York” and “En Terapia”, an acclaimed adaptation of the format “Be Tipul” by Dori Media Contenidos and winner of Best Series at the Martin Fierro awards. Dori Media will also be showcasing its award-winning teen series “Galis”, which was recently sold to Italy, as well as to Yups in Latin America and Spain, along with its successful comedies “Little Mom”, produced by Yoav Gross Productions for Channel 10, and “Magic Malabi Express”, produced by Sumayoko for Channel 10.

A synopsis for each show that will be presented at Mipcom 2013 by Dori Media Group can be found at the bottom of this announcement.

Nadiv Palti, President & CEO of Dori Media Group commented: “Our 2013 catalogue is exceptionally strong and diversified and we look forward to showcasing our new formats, which include, “Enigma”, “The Village”, “The Invisible Man” and “Duel Games”, which we are confident will appeal to a variety of audiences. More and more Dori Media shows are becoming well established hits, and delegates will also have the chance to see season 2 of New York and En Terapia, for which a 3rd season is in discussion. Our formats are highly adaptable and can be tailored for the needs of audiences across all continents.


Dori Media Presents at Mipcom 2013:


“Enigma” is a new daily drama which centres on the trials and tribulations of a comic strip artist, Adam Hexter, whose creative work is vital for his family business. Whilst going through a creative block, the family business suffers. When the enigmatic Sophie enters his life, Adam finally starts creating again, but his love for Sophie threatens to cause a mysterious figure from their past to reemerge. Sophie, however, is a figment of Adam’s imagination, but it is this loss of sanity that is enabling the family business to flourish once again. Upon discovering that Sophie is in fact a hallucination, Adam is heartbroken, but he still suspects that Sophie somewhere, somehow, actually does exist. He eventually realises that the origin of his hallucinations is in fact a real girl, his childhood sweetheart, part of a dark secret his family has been hiding from him. He sets out to reunite with his long lost love and show the world that love can overcome even the boundaries between reality and fantasy.


 “The Village” is a prime time reality format of 20 episodes in which five families are taken from their comfortable, modern lives and brought to an uninhabited area in order to build a new settlement and a new community along with other families that are totally different from them. The families will say goodbye to 21st century clothes and accessories and delve into a reality in which you communicate with your family members by actually talking to them. They will have to take care of the farm animals themselves and cook their own food using very limited resources. Each day the families will undergo a grueling challenge in order to receive an advantage: family versus family so they can win immunity from expulsion or all the families competing together so they can win something for the whole village. The family that wins the most votes from the other contestants and the viewers at home will be declared the winner and win the big prize.


“Duel Games” is a game show which brings task-based dueling to the streets. The host goes to a street with a cart full of games covering a range of topics. A random contestant starts the game by choosing a person they’d like to duel with, but this chosen competitor gets to select the subject of the duel. In order to win the prize, a player must beat two players in two separate duels. The winner can then choose to leave with their earnings or double the amount by breaking their own record.


“The Invisible Man” is a new game show where six experts from a range of fields have to identify each episode’s celebrity guest without being able to see or communicate with them. They must use their unique skills and general knowledge to identify him or her. They examine a range of materials, including the celebrity’s hair, nail pieces, palm lines, teeth marks, fingerprints and dreams. Celebrities’ true personalities are revealed in this show. Throughout the show, each celebrity listens to the truth about their appearance, health condition and character, and for the first time has a chance to see themselves from the inside, for who they really are. Will the celebrities have enough courage to hear the truth?


“New York 2” is a daily crime drama with a colourful and complex plot. The son of the head of a notorious crime family arrives in New York, escaping his past and seeking a new future. He rejects the subservience of badly exploited foreign workers and is determined to change it. In doing so, he will find his true destiny. “New York” was produced by Dori Media Darset for Israel’s DBS television provider ‘YES’. “New York” has been the most watched drama of all time on the ‘YES’ channel and has increased total viewing of the channel by 35%. “New York” has also won the Accolade Competition for “Excellence Drama Program/Series 2012”.


En Terapia 2 is a series that focuses on psychoanalytic sessions in a modern-day practice. This series follows the daily work of the psychologist, Guillermo Montes, over 9 working weeks, showing a new therapy session in each episode with patients, Marina, Gastón, Clara and the couple Martin and Ana. All his patients attend the clinic for different reasons. Sessions occur from Monday to Thursday and the week ends on Friday when Guillermo goes to see his supervisor, Dr. Lucia Aranda, who is a retired therapist. “En Terapia” shows how the therapist’s emotional experience is very similar to his patients’ therapy. “En Terapia” is a revolutionary format that takes the audience for a trip into the mysterious and fascinating world of psychotherapy.


“Little Mom” is a prime time feminine comedy that reveals the harsh truth of life after having kids…It’s like… someone has turned on the lights at the end of prom night – No more thongs and little black dresses; those days are long gone, replaced by sweat pants and cardboard flavored “snacks”. By all accounts the glitz and glamour of the 20s are over. Cellulite thighs and a life in the suburbs is all they have to show for themselves. The first season consisted of 13 episodes and the second season is currently in production.


“Magic Malabi Express” is a crazy road trip comedy that takes place in Brazil and tells the story of 3 Israeli friends who, in order to make a living, open a stall and sell Malabi (an Israeli dessert). By accident, when preparing it, they use a wrong ingredient which gets all the locals high and brings customers from many countries. Will the gold mine last?


“Galis” is a teen TV series, containing 116 30-minute episodes. “Galis” tells a story of three foster home kids who are to join an elite summer camp in a faraway forest after a mysterious donation has been received. As they try to fit in with snobbish kids, they discover it was not luck that brought them there but a sophisticated scheme that leads to a larger than life adventure. Their incredible search for a magical, mythological treasure brings them to find their true destiny and place in the world which will change their lives forever. “Galis” was originally produced by Dori Media Darset for Noga Communications, who broadcast the show on ‘The kids channel’, which is available on the HOT’s cable platform service. The show became an instant success and won three awards at the Kids Oscar in Israel, including Best Series.


“Family Restart” is a structured reality that gives estranged families the chance to reconnect. The show pairs parents and their adult children with a family coach in order to mend their broken relationship. Often, the separation between the parents and their children is the result of poor life choices. On the show, the healing begins when the parents visit their children’s homes. In order to find common ground, the two sides prepare ‘wish lists’ which the other side must fulfill. This gesture shows just how ready the two sides are to reconnect.


“The Caravan” is a factual reality series in which one family of parents and grown up kids takes a life changing journey every week. After years of living apart, the family will have to re-unite in a caravan for a week and travel together in a 24/7 documented trip overseas. The show aired on channel 10 last September and has already been optioned in 8 countries.

Try to remember when you recently sat down with your parents and family and had an open conversation on your past, life, problems, what you really think…..? In this journey the family will have to detach themselves from day to day life and face the sore spots with their family in a way they never done before.  Every day they will face one challenge which is directly connected to the family issues, while simultaneously trying to leave together and take decisions as a family – who will cook, drive, navigate, when to sleep etc.

A family therapist will join them on the journey and be there for them at the most crucial moments.


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