Dori Media has been developing its presence on digital platforms as of 2007. The company was one of the first television content owners in the region to sign a partner agreement with YouTube and was also one of the first media companies to develop an online marketing and distribution system as a closed website for Dori Media’s clients.

In 2008, Dori Media was the first to produce a multi-platform Telenovela “Amanda O” offering 3 versions of the product – 24 TV episodes, 120 Webisodes and 500 mobile episodes.

In 2009, Dori Media produced “Uman”, the first multi-platform reality format in Israel for one of the biggest cellular companies in Israel which, in addition to its success in Israel, has also been sold to 16 other territories.

In 2014, MeMeMe studios was founded as part of Dori Media’s long-term digital strategy as a main content producer and distributor in the rapidly changing international market.

Currently, in addition to the company’s official website, the digital activities of the company include:

  • YouTube channels –The company operates 15 very successful partner channels on the platform offering both short clips and full episodes of the company’s shows.
  •  Social Media – Operation of various pages for the company’s shows & TV Channels on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook &Instagram.
  • –A closed website for Dori Media’s clients offering all pre-sales and post- sales materials with video stream and downloadable files available to the clients according to their requirements.

Besides the activities concerning the company’s own content and channels, Dori Media also offers operation and distribution services on digital VOD platforms to other content owners.