Dori Media Darset + Dori Media Paran

Dori Media Darset and Dori Media Paran produce top-end series, daily dramas as well as feature films for the Israeli and international markets.

Since its inception, in 2000, Dori Media Darset has been the first and major producer of Telenovelas and daily dramas in Israel. In recent years the company diversified into other genres such as kids’s TV dramas, reality TV, doco-reality, magazines and new media-oriented content. Currently mainly   focusing on high end weekly drama.

The company produces dozens of hours per year, for all broadcasters and platforms in Israel. Its library has more than 2,600 hours of successful dramas.

Dori Media Darset, being one of Israel’s 3 biggest production companies, is renowned for its rate of success, its creativity and its budget adherence.

In 2012 Dori Media started the development of a full-length feature film through Dori Media Paran. The company has produced almost a dozen films so far. The film “Let It Be Morning” was recently nominated at the Cannes Film Festival 2021.