Dori Media launches “Da Next” – the world’s first digital talent competition

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The next generation of talent competition has arrived. Dori Media’s innovative, grass-roots and digital-first format taps into a potentially enormous digital audience

Dori Media Group (“DMG”, “the Company”) announces the launch of its next generation talent competition. Produced by MeMeMe Studios, a Dori Media company, “Da Next” is a no television – all digital talent show formats that have taken global TV audiences by storm for decades.

To meet a meteoric shift in viewer preferences, “Da Next” takes places in the digital realm and taps into vast digital audiences in search of the next music star. During the 6-week digital media event, which is unedited and unscripted, contenders need fan engagement to win. The show is both organic and authentic and its narrative is not controlled by production – it is led exclusively by interest among fans across multiple social media platforms to maximise authenticity.

Well-known music mentors and influencers, who are attracting larger audiences than prime time TV, encourage their fans to audition via selfie on Instagram and Tik Tok by tagging the show. Eventually, two teams of six candidates are chosen to work with a mentor and record a song. Once the recordings are shared on social media, contestants, mentors, influencers and fans race towards the grand finale, to earn the most views and digital engagement to win the competition.

Givon Snir, CEO, MeMeMe Studios, Head of Content, Dori Media International, commented: There is genuine excitement about “Da Next’s” prospects. Significantly more content is now consumed on-line, and traditional television formats face tremendous competition as audiences switch to digital. “Da Next” is an industry first. Not only are we engaging with digital audiences, we are also introducing a new business model, where formats can be sponsored by a brand and products can be placed, much like they are by popular influencers who endorse products. All format stakeholders are winners on ”Da Next.” Contestants maintain authenticity while gaining support of the show’s platform and the following of its associated influencers.  Meanwhile, producers are left with a huge digital asset to maximise content distribution and engagement. We look forward to sharing news of the format’s success”. 

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