Crime drama Dumb, expected to be aired in October 2017

Dori Media Group has sold the original Israeli show of hit crime drama “Dumb” to Poland’s broadcaster, nc+ platform (Canal+ Group). The deal follows the sales of the format produced by Dori Media Darset for a remake in Mexico, Germany and Albania. The original Israeli series season 1 and 2 are expected to premier on Poland’s Ale kino+ in October 2017.

Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media Group, commented: “Dumb has a tremendous potential to deliver excellent ratings for Polish Canal+ Group. It is a contemporary fresh and unique urban format that can take place anywhere around the world. The crime drama has been an extraordinary hit viewed by 46% of HOT cable subscribers in Israel. International broadcasters are looking for a unique and outstanding TV content to meet viewers’ increasingly discerning tastes and demand cinematic quality. I have no doubt that Polish viewers will tune in to Dumb in high volumes.”

Jakub Szurmiej, Director of Movie Channels of nc+ platform, commented: “Polish Canal+ Group is proud to join the international club of Dumb broadcasters. Though we have announced a strategy to create more locally produced shows in Poland, we are constantly seeking to be innovative and responsive to audience demand. I believe that Dumb will hit our audience’ tastes as it represents a great storytelling and characters the Polish can relate to. This show appears to be just in line with our approach to air unique programs based on original ideas and scripts which distinguishes Canal+ from other broadcasters”.

Dumb was recently chosen one of only 20 dramas from around the world to be screened to key influencers and buyers at the recent European Film Festival in Berlin during its Drama Series Days and Panorama in Series Mania 2017. The series has been the most viewed show on Israel’s HOT since May 2015, while Dumb success continues with the airing of the season 2. Premiere exceptional reviews are “The Best Drama you have viewed” by Ynet, “Genius” by Mako and “The coolest and most authentic program currently on TV” by City Mouse. The third season has already been ordered for 2018.

Also, the series has won the major awards at the Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Drama, Best Actress and Best Scripts.

Dumb is a crime drama about a 30 year old frustrated and stoned actress who is stuck with the body and appearance of a teenager and hates it. She sees herself as dumb, leading a mundane life, without friends or dreams. All she has is her boyfriend, who later dumps her and gets arrested for dealing drugs. Determined to save him, she joins the police as an undercover agent posing as a high-school senior class student. Blinded by love and power, she soon crosses the line becoming the new target of investigation. In way over her head, playing the role of her life, she realizes for the first time that she is not, in fact, dumb.

Dumb has already received glowing reviews from top Israeli publications. “Haaretz” called it “original television”, whilst “Israel Today” thought it was “absolutely fabulous”. The series is produced by Dori Media Darset for HOT.

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