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Dumb Loving You The Best Of All complicated Full Moon


A crime drama about a frustrated and stoned 30-year-old actress who goes undercover, against her will, as a high school student to help her ex-boyfriend after he is busted for drug dealing.

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Loving You

A father and daughter get a chance to fall in love with partners despite the difficult circumstances that brought them together. With the world against them, they will not give up.

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The Best Of All

A Shiny Floor Game Show. Is the average answer from a large group of people always closer to the right result than a single person’s answer? Test this theory in the new game show “The Best of All.”

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Ran is divorced twice, has 3 beautiful daughters from various angry mothers and only one bank account that is slowly dwindling away. But he still believes he can find the perfect love, which is a problem…

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Full Moon

A thrilling drama that is set in the “full moon” parties’ scene in Thailand about the young who visit the island known for its parties.

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