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5 Stars Dumb The Best Of All Complicated Full Moon

5 Stars

The death of Mario Star has faced his five daughters (from 3 mothers) with a challenge, designed in the form of a clause, which they will have to comply with to receive the inheritance he has left them.

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hiri Azogi is a 30 year old frustrated and stoned actress who is stuck with a body and appearance of a teenager and hates it. She sees herself as a dumb woman leading a mundane life filled with failures, without friends or dreams.

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The Best Of All

A Shiny Floor Game Show. Is the average answer from a large group of people always closer to the right result than a single person’s answer? Test this theory in the new game show “The Best of All.”

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Ran is divorced twice, has 3 beautiful daughters from various angry mothers and only one bank account that is slowly dwindling away. But he still believes he can find the perfect love, which is a problem…

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Full Moon

A thrilling drama that is set in the “full moon” parties’ scene in Thailand about the young who visit the island known for its parties.

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