It’s been thirty years since ESAU has abandoned Israel for a new life in America. A teenager – he left behind his land, family, and his baker’s legacy. His past shattered – yet he hasn’t built anything new to replace it with. No wife, nor kids – an empty house. His books about bread are popular – but a true writer he is not. A late night phone call transforms his existence. A familiar female whisper – begging for his help. He goes back home. To Israel.

There he is greeted by his family. His father, ABRAHAM, his twin brother JACOB, Jacob’s daughter, ROMI. There’s one person he’s trying to meet but can’t – LEAH: Jacob’s wife, Esau’s first love. She hides behind the locked door of BENJAMINS’s former room: her firstborn, who died serving in the army. Esau is convinced that Leah is the one who made the night call begging for help.

Memories surface in Esau’s mind with his family history unraveling via flashbacks and voice over. This history will become the foundation for his new book, his first genuine novel.

Esau reappearance will wake up all the family conflicts that hided under the surface for the last decades, and the complicated, dramatic, and at times unbelievable story of the family will reach it’s boiling point and finally a resolution.