Dori Media signs cooperation agreement with Underground Producciones and TV Publica to distribute “El Marginal”

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“El Marginal” is the recent Grand Prix Winner at the 2016 Séries Mania Festival in Paris

Dori Media Group (“DMG”, “the Company”) announces that it has signed an agreement with Underground and TV Publica to distribute the weekly crime drama series “El Marginal” (The Marginal). Dori Media Group have previously partnered with Underground for the production of mega-hit show “Lalola”, which has now been sold to over 120 territories, having been produced by Dori Media Contenidos, and based on an original idea by Sebastian Ortega for Underground. DMG has previously worked with TV Publica on the co-production of 3 seasons of “En Terapia” (In Treatment), which was hugely successful in Argentina.

“El Marginal” focuses on the story of Miguel Dimarco, an ex-cop who enters the San Onofre prison under a false identity as a convict. His mission is to infiltrate a gang of prisoners who have kidnapped the daughter of a prominent judge. Miguel must discover the whereabouts of the girl and help set her free. He meets the objective but someone betrays him, leaving him behind bars with no witnesses who know his true identity. Miguel will soon realize that the only way to save his life and recover his identity is to escape with the help of an unexpected ally, Anna, a social worker who works in the prison.

The series was the Grand Prix winner at the International Competition at the 2016 Séries Mania Festival in Paris.

Michal Nashiv, CEO of Dori Media Contenidos, commented: “Our previous partnership with Underground as well as TV Publica was as successful as it gets and we are very much looking forward to reuniting with the team on the distribution of “El Marginal”. “El Marginal” is a gripping crime drama that explores some of the darker sides of the prison system. The show has all the ingredients to be another big hit.

Gonzalo Armendares, CEO of Underground Producciones, said: “We are really convinced that this new partnership with Dori Media to distribute our series “El Marginal” will yield great results at an international level and we thank TV Pública Argentina for their support in this search for high quality products”.

Horacio Levin, Director of TV Pública Argentina, added: “We are very pleased to have “El Marginal on our screens “, even before its release, the drama is already a major award winner. I’m sure it will have a great reception from the public”.


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