Dori Media sells full season of “Esperanza Mia” to MTV Latin America for Southern Cone countries

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Esperanza Mia has now been sold to 11 countries, matching its critical success having been nominated for 11 awards at Martin Fierro 2016

Dori Media Group (“DMG”, “the Company”) announces that it has sold the full season of its romantic comedy “Esperanza Mia (My Lovely Hope)” to air on MTV Latin America in the Southern Cone territories. The series is expected to be launched on the channel in November.

“Esperanza Mia” is a co-production from Dori Media International and Pol-Ka Producciones, and has recently been sold to a range of countries including: Mexico, Poland, Spain, Indonesia, Israel, Bolivia, Vietnam, Slovenia, Hungary, Panama and Ecuador.

“Esperanza Mia” is a romantic comedy about the forbidden love between Julia (Hope) and Tomas. Julia’s mother dies from a fatal illness contracted due to pollution in the factory where she worked. On her deathbed, she asks Julia to hunt down the owner of the factory, but Julia is persecuted while trying to do just that. She escapes to Buenos Aires and takes shelter in a convent, pretending to be a nun named Hope. There she meets a priest named Tomas and love between them grows. Unfortunately, Julia does not know that Tomas is none other than the brother of the man responsible for her mother’s death, the man she swore to bring to justice.

The show recently achieved excellent ratings in Spain, where it is aired on Atresmedia’s Channel Nova. The series secured a 50% greater audience share than the channel’s average since first being broadcast in December 2015.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group commented: “Esperanza Mia is currently one of our most popular shows, and it has been sold globally in 11 markets from Latin America to Asia. We are delighted to have MTV Latin America endorsing the show by acquiring an entire season, and we have no doubt viewers will enjoy the mix of drama and romance told through  Julia’s story.”

Watch “Esperanza Mia” with English language subtitles :

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