Teen adventure Drama.

At the eternal vacation city, a group of teenagers from all over the country, from different backgrounds and social classes, meet at the most prestige hotel in Eilat for one summer that will change their lives forever. The romanticNissan determined to get his first kiss, Tzachi looking for fame, Noa, a young business woman and the hotel owner’s daughter. Eden, an Ethiopian room attendant who is in love with Natti, who, like him, was also born on the wrong side of town. But Eilat is also about show business, and like any other show, it also has a backstage, the secluded mountains of Eilat. There Omri, a street kid, hopes to make big money, until his plans change when his fate ties in with that of Tom, the beautiful female bellboy, and her sister Karny, who suffers from a very rare disease, living in a strange house in the mountains.