The Outsider 2


Behind every prisoner, there is a story. And behind each story there are horrible crimes, dangerous friendships, unspeakable betrayals, bloody wars between two sides. This prequel of El Marginal takes back the time to reveal the stories locked up in San Onofre

How did the Borges brothers do to go from “declassed” to “capos” of the prison? What is the source of the Sub-21? What was the limit that Antin cross to create the network of corruption that allows him to handle dirty business from San Onofre? Who was Emma when she started to work as social assistant and how much the prison change her?

Season 2 responds to all these questions and presents new characters. A locked up doctor for a crime he didn´t commit. A prisoner who rules the prison in a bloody way. An official corrupted by the system. A prisoner – almost teen – who might begin a revolution. With offices in Switzerland, Israel, Argentina, Spain and Asia, DMD does not only distribute its own shows but were also chosen by other production companies and format owners to act as their distributor in the international market.

The bands we knew are not form yet. The prisoners from season 1 (like César, James, Morcilla and Pedro) integrate others factions under the orders of different referents. The Borges end up breaking in to the prison but they are far away to rule it. Mario has no power. Diosito is an innocent kid yet.

In the middle of all of this, we found Patricio. A high-class doctor who doesn´t belong to this violent environment. The only one capable of saving lifes among so much death. The alliances that The Borges an Patricio create, is the only thing that might lean on the balance to any side in their war against El Sapo, the prisoner who rules the prison at his whim.