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After years of bachelorhood Mickey proposes to his girlfriend, Sapir, and discovers that getting married nowadays is a very expensive business. The banquet hall, the dress, the catering, the performers, the design… Sapir plans the wedding of her dreams and Mickey is forced to pay for it all by himself.

In order to save on costs the couple hire a seasoned wedding planner who proposes they strike a deal with him. Mickey will take part in different projects the wedding planner has planned and in exchange he will arrange the wedding for free. But in show business, nothing comes free of charge… The “projects” turn out to be various comedic sting operations and Mickey ends up paying for this wedding tenfold.

We also witness all the comedic intimate conflicts between Mickey and Sapir, as a couple nearing their wedding day, forced to make many decisions in a short amount of time. This is a recipe for endless fights (anything she wants in black, he wants in white) and it also affects their intimacy as a couple (how is it possible that ever since the wedding planning started Mickey has totally lost his sex drive?).

In between scenes we see parts of Mickey’s stand-up in front of a live audience and hear his own point of view about how his relationship has changed due to the nearing wedding. We see him turn his personal conflicts into jokes for the audience, as he tries to find the silver lining in all this.