El Marginal


The ex-cop Miguel Dimarco entered as convicted in San Onofre prison under a false identity (Pastor) and an invented case. His mission is to infiltrate within a mixed band of prisoners and jailers who operates from within the prison. The group has just kidnapped the teenage daughter of an important national judge, therefore, the mission is to find his captors and the whereabouts of the girl. After discovering that she is captive in an area of the prison and secure her release, Miguel is betrayed, and remains behind bars as an inmate. There are no witnesses of his true identity and his surrounded by criminals and murderers. Miguel will soon realize that the only way to save his life and recover his identity is by escaping with the help of an unexpected ally, Anna, a social worker who works as a counselor in prison.

A co-production from Underground Producciones and TV Publica, created by Sebastian Ortega with exclusive worldwide distribution by Dori Media Group.