Vloggers – The Calizo Project

Docu Reality

A blunt, provocative Docu-Reality series that reveals the behind the scenes of the world of YouTube and Vloggers, and combines their world with the world of television.

The series follows a group of vloggers, named “My Vibe”, led by Israel’s number one YouTuber, Sahar Calizo.

They all live together in a villa, where they do daily pranks, stunts and challenges, and post them.

The series exposes what happens behind the scenes, with no filters.

The vloggers who live in the villa have no boundaries- they would go all the way in order to be the best on the internet.

Along with the stunts and pranks, the relationships in the villa are revealed.

Friendships and quarrels, jealousy and tensions, and above all, the complex relationship between Calizo and his ex-girlfriend.