Dori Media’s “Can You Face It” premieres in Portugal and grows its slot’s average audience ratings on RTP by 137%

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The lighthearted factual entertainment format, where people hear what friends and family really think of them was produced by Valentim de Carvalho in Portugal and is currently being broadcast on RTP

Tel-Aviv, Israel – June 24, 2013 – Dori Media Group Ltd. (“DMG” or the “Company”), the international media company active in the field of television and new media, with a focus on production, distribution, broadcasting and merchandising of Drama and Entertainment, announces that the factual entertainment format “Can you Face It”, which is produced by Lotus and distributed by DMG, has made a highly successful debut on RTP in Portugal, increasing the average timeslot rating by 137% and the average share of that timeslot by 133% during the show’s first week on air.

”Nada a Esconder”, an adaptation of Can You Face It?” for the Portuguese audience by Valentim de Carvalho, was launched on RTP 1 in May, 2013 and has since been aired on a weekly basis every Wednesday at 10.45 PM, after the local Telenovela, holding strong results for the slot. The show is available in a daily format or as a weekly hour and can be adapted to suit many cultures.

Can You Face It?” Is a lighthearted format where contestants get a chance to hear what people really think of them. Contestants share their thoughts on themselves with the show’s host, only to learn that they have habits that irritate loved ones. The show does not provide a flattering picture and once protagonists learn harsh home truths, they are given three challenges to force them to overcome their habits and improve their relationships. If they think they are funny, they will have to do a stand-up routine in a comedy club. If they are a lazy couch potato, they will spend an evening in an intense nightclub and if they are a slob, they will have a makeover.

Nadav Palti, President & CEO of Dori Media Group commented: “We are delighted with the work Valentim Portugal has done in adapting “Can You Face It” in Portugal, and this has been acknowledged by their audience. “Can You Face It” is among a number of new generation shows that we have high hopes for at Dori Media. The show is enormously entertaining, it is cost effective and it is easy to produce to local tastes. The show is attracting a great deal of interest and we are confident that its success in Portugal will be replicated elsewhere through Dori Media’s global platform.”

Francisco Vasconcelos, CEO of Valentim Portugal, added: “We are delighted with the launch of “Nada a Esconder”, which has turned out to be our most successful launch so far this year. The format is hosted by Silvia Alberto, a very popular Portuguese TV personality, it is both flexible and current and we are delighted to be giving our audience what they want. We are also having lots of fun taping it”


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