Dori Media Group to attend MIPTV 2013 with a number of new productions

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The critically acclaimed “Family Restart”, “The Band”, “The Caravan”, “Home Page”, “Hi/Lo Trivia”, amongst others to be presented for the first time at MIPTV

Tel-Aviv, Israel – April 4, 2013 – Dori Media Group Ltd. (“DMG” or the “Company”), the international media company active in the field of television and new media, with a focus on production, distribution, broadcasting and merchandising of Drama and Entertainment, announces that the Company will attend the 2013 MIPTV Media Market to present new productions such as reality TV shows Family Restart” and ”The Band”, as well as the factual reality “The Caravan”, the game show ”Hi/Lo Trivia”, the sitcom ”Little Mom” and cookery show ”Home Page”. MIPTV is held each spring in Cannes, and showcases the freshest international productions. This year, the event will take place on April 8-11, 2013.

A synopsis of each show to be presented at the MIPTV by Dori Media Group can be found at the bottom of this announcement.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group, commented: ”We are very much looking forward to our participation once again at MIPTV 2013. Following last year’s success, our 2013 offering looks every bit as exciting as we exhibit the full variety and range of the productions. Our catalogue is very diversified and has recently been bolstered by the inclusion of many of Channel 10 Israel’s successful productions. We are delighted to share with MIPTV attendees our new shows alongside those already familiar to our domestic audiences.”

Dori Media Presents at MIPTV 2013:

Family Restart: An unscripted reality show that gives estranged families the chance to reconnect. The show pairs parents and their adult children with a family coach in order to mend their broken relationship. Often, the separation between the parents and their children is the result of poor life choices. On the show, the healing begins when the parents visit their children’s homes. In order to find common ground, the two sides prepare ‘wish lists’ which the other side must fulfill. This gesture shows just how ready the two sides are to reconnect.

During the process, both parents and children learn to be more sympathetic towards one another, as they create new and open lines of communications to truthfully and honestly communicate about the issues that drove them apart.


The Band:

A reality-show project documenting the rise of a new boy-girl band set to conquer the hearts of teenagers across the country. 10 talented young performers start an intense journey. They will train, sing, dance, sweat, and battle to be one of the final five band members of what will become the countries next hit pop band.

An innovative format featuring 30 episodes, the first 12 focus on the group and solo auditions, while the next 18 episodes document the thrilling adventures of these young performers as they begin to form The Band.


Home Page: A fun, new and exciting cooking show in which the chef cooks with the audience online!!!

An expert chef will teach a lucky group of online guests to cook through Google Hangout. During each episode, a few participants with a clear connection and common interest will be selected to prepare a meal that corresponding to their common interest, whether they are friends, colleagues or family related. For example: yoga instructors, vegans, celebrities, soccer fans, housewives etc…

The second season of this cooking show is to be presented. The first season was broadcasted on Channel 10.


Hi/Lo Trivia: A studio game show with a simple smart mechanism that combines luck and intelligence.

One team | One deck of cards |One goal

Open all the cards in deck to win the game

Hi/Lo trivia is a simple card game, with a smart twist:

Every time a card is opened, the players need to guess whether the next card is going to be higher or lower. Every card they call correctly equals money in the bank.

How much money? That’s up to them! But here comes the twist…

Every time they miss a card, the players are presented with a trivia question.  Wrong answer? Game over!


The Caravan: Airing on Channel 10 in May 2013, this Factual Reality series in which one family of parents and grown up kids takes a life changing journey every week. After years of living apart, the family will have to re-unite in a Caravan for a week and travel together in a 24/7 documented Euro trip.

Try to remember when you recently sat down with your parents and family and had an open conversation on your past, life, problems, what you really think…..? In this journey the family will have to detach themselves from day to day life and face the sore spots with their family in a way they never done before.  Every day they will face one challenge which is directly connected to the family issues, while simultaneously trying to leave together and take decisions as a family – who will cook, drive, navigate, when to sleep etc.

A family therapist will join them on the journey and be there for them at the most crucial moments.

Little Mom: A prime time feminine comedy that consists of 13 episodes. The sitcom is expected to air on Channel 10 Israel May 2013.

Little Mom reveals the harsh truth of life after having kids…

It’s like… someone has turned on the lights at the end of prom night – No more thongs and little black dresses; those days are long gone, replaced by sweat pants and cardboard flavored “snacks”. By all accounts the glitz and glamour of the 20s are over. Cellulite thighs and a life in the suburbs is all they have to show for themselves.


New York: Josef, the son of a notorious crime-family boss, arrives in New York in an attempt to escape his past and create a new future. He connects with a group of foreign workers who he felt were being exploited. Unwilling to accept their “second class” treatment, he sets out to change their circumstances. In his quest for justice, he finds his true destiny.

“New York”- A thrilling Crime Drama – colorful, passionate, and complex.

Produced by Dori Media Darset, New York has had a successful first season, winning the Accolade Competition for ‘Excellence in a Drama Program/Series 2012’.


Can Your Face It?: We all think we know what people think of us, especially those closest to us. The question is… can you face the revealing truths of what those nearest and dearest to us really think of you? Are you willing to hear your families, neighbors, co-workers, parents, and friends’ true opinions about your annoying little habits and quarks?

Can You Face It? Is a lighthearted factual entertainment format where one person gets a chance to hear for the first time what people really think of them in order to fix their annoying little habits that irritate their loved ones? The format has recently been sold in Portugal.


Smartface:  Is a trivia game show, where contestants are asked questions but are not allowed to answer them. They must find someone on the street to answer their questions for them. If the person they choose answers correctly, the contestant wins money and moves on to the next question. If the person is incorrect, the contestant is out of the game.


Galis: A mysterious donation sends three lucky foster children to an elite summer camp in a faraway forest. While at first they struggle to find their place amongst stuck-up kids, and twisted love triangles, they soon discover it wasn’t luck that brought them there but a sophisticated scheme that leads them on a larger than life adventure. They must now embark on an incredible exploration for a magical and mythological treasure that will ultimately lead them on a life changing journey to find their true destiny. How far will they go to discover their true calling?


SYPD: In a one of a kind original project, the police department and ministry of education decide to create the first ever teenage police station at Cedar High School. To put it lightly… the two police officers in charge are not the sharpest tools in the shed, yet with lots of charm, coupled with some unconventional methods they attempt to solve the various student body problems. Will the officers be able to justify the trust given them and prove the kids’ police project a success?

Comedy produced by Dori Media Darset

Got a minute?: A fast paced trivia game where participants have one minute to answer as many questions as possible. A celebrity host randomly approaches members of the public, asking them to participate in the quiz using the catchphrase, “Got a minute?” If they agree, the host quickly explains the rules and begins the round. As ever, the more questions participants answer correctly, the better the prizes.


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