New Dori Media shows to appear at NATPE 2013

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“SYPD”, “Galis” Season 2, “New York” Season 2, innovative reality format “Do You Know Me?!”, “Can You Face It”, fast-paced gameshow “Got a Minute?” and “Cross Country” to join a new generation of hit shows

Dori Media Group (“DMG” or “the Company”), the international media company active in the field of television, with a focus on production, distribution, broadcasting and merchandising of daily dramas, Telenovela and entertainment shows, announces that the Company will present “S.Y.P.D – Special Young Police Department”, the second seasons of “Galis” and “New York as well as brand new reality format Do You Know Me?!”, “Can You Face It”, gameshow “Got A Minute?and “Cross Country” at the National Associates of Television Program Executives (NATPE) 2013. The NATPE event is the number 1 US-based global multiplatform video marketplace and will be held in Miami on January 28th – 30th, 2013.

Nadav Palti, President and CEO of Dori Media Group, commented: “Dori Media has taken steps over the past few years to broaden its catalogue into exciting new genres and, as a result, a number of fresh and exciting new shows are coming out of Dori Media’s production and distribution pipeline. Dori Media’s expertise now stretches far beyond its popular daily and weekly dramas and into the Reality and Game Show genres, where we have been enjoying some success. The popularity of our new shows and the diversity they bring our library has made this a very successful move. Our latest offerings are fresh, adaptable and can cater for most audience demographics with ease. NATPE presents us with another opportunity to exhibit our new and innovative formats and we look forward to showing our content to networks from around the world.”

Dori Media Group currently has many recent new series in pre-production for second seasons, including “Shall We Kiss”, which is the most viewed drama of all time in channel 10 Israel, and has enjoyed great success with HBO in Hungary & Romania, as well as a second season of the brand new teen series “S.Y.P.D”.

The new generation of established Dori Media hits such as New York” (a 2012 Accolade Competition winner), Galis”, will also be joined by “En Terapia(the Argentinean adaptation of the acclaimed format “BeTipul” which has been sold to more than 20 countries and adapted by HBO as “In Treatment”) and “Shall We Kiss”. Additional shows such as “Get Out of My House” (a comedy reality show format about ten freeloading adults who still live with their parents as they move into a private boarding school), Last chance for Love” (a dramatic reality format that follows couples on the brink of divorce as they get one last chance to save their marriage) and E-Band(where three normal 15-year-old friends are secret members of a virtual band enjoying extraordinary success) will also appear at NATPE. “E-Band” outperformed its timeslot by over 30% for kid groups aged 4-14 and 8-14 during its screening in February 2012 on Disney Channel Italy, where E-Band was the second most popular show with children aged 4-14. The show is produced by Brave Film Productions. Dori Media will also exhibit “Lola & Virginia”, two High School rivals who are depicted in a dynamic pre-teen pop comedy where Lola’s tireless imagination is graphically depicted in her scrapbook.

Dori Media Exhibits at the National Associates of Television Program Executives (NATPE) 2013:

Do You Know Me?! is a romantic reality show where 11 romantic couples (aged 18-75) live together in a villa and have to bet how well they know each other to win a substantial cash prize. Each couple has their own special relationship but they may find out that their spouse is capable of doing things the other would never think possible! How much are they willing to bet that they will or will not do something? Couples also have to contend with a variety of assignments, but success in these assignments does not ensure winning as the betting stakes also contribute. The season’s winning couple will be awarded the sum they have accumulated throughout the season, which could reach $1,000,000. Viewers will be gripped by how the pressure to compete affects each couple’s relationship and how the couples react to each other.

“GOT A MINUTE?” in this game show we take the studio to the street. A host and a digital suitcase pick participants and give them one minute to answer as many questions as possible. The well-known host randomly approaches participants on the street to ask if he or she has a minute. Questions will be displayed on a screen on a suitcase carried by the host. The game becomes interesting when participants do not know the answer to a question and can then ask for The Extra Minute (lifeline), where they have to do anything in their power to find the correct answer including asking passers-by for some help. When participants have 10 seconds left, or less, the host will let the participant know that they’ve reached the “last question zone”. This means that the next – and last – question will implicate a double or nothing prize.

“S.Y.P.D – Special Young Police Department” is a unique project. It is a teen sitcom produced by Dori Media Darset for HOT V.O.D. In a unique new project, the Police Department and the Ministry of Education decide to establish the first ever kids’ Police Station, inside Cedar High public school. The two police officers who are stationed at the school are officer Oded Burman and officer Avi Kapata. And the two of them are, how to say it gently, not exactly the brightest crayons in the pack. Time and again they attempt to solve students’ problems. While their skills are lacking, they do have plenty of charm. The biggest issue they have is their unconventional ways of resolving the students’ problems. Will the officers be able to justify the trust placed in them and prove that the kid’s police project is a success?

“New York” is a daily crime drama with a colourful and complex plot. The son of the head of a notorious crime family arrives in New York, escaping his past and seeking a new future. He rejects the subservience of badly exploited foreign workers and is determined to change it. In doing so, he will find his true destiny. “New York” was produced by Dori Media Darset for Israel’s DBS television provider ‘YES’. The second season of the crime drama is already in pre-production and is scheduled to go on air in 2013.

“Galis” is a teen TV series, containing 50 30-minute episodes. “Galis” tells a story of three foster home kids who are to join an elite summer camp in a faraway forest after a mysterious donation has been received. As they try to fit in with snobbish kids, they discover it was not luck that brought them there but a sophisticated scheme that leads to a larger than life adventure. Their incredible search for a magical, mythological treasure brings them to find their true destiny and place in the world which will change their lives forever. “Galis” was originally produced by Dori Media Darset for Noga Communications, who broadcast the show on ‘The kids channel’, which is available on the HOT’s cable platform service. Following the success of the first season in Israel, the second season of “Galis” is now in production and scheduled to go on air in 2013. The show was sold to Sky Italia and is scheduled to go on air on the Planet Kids channel in October.

“En Terapia” is a series which focuses on psychoanalysis sessions which nowadays are common place. This series follows the daily work of the psychotherapy Guillermo Montes through his week, showing in each of the episodes a different session with his patients: Marina, Gastón, Clara and the couple Martin and Ana. The week ends on Friday, with Guillermo going to see his supervisor, Lucía Aranda. The story presents five different patients. Each day, during 9 weeks, it’s dedicated to their psychotherapy session. The series takes the audience for a trip to discover the mysterious and fascinating world of psychotherapy. The Second Season of “En Terapia” is now in pre-production.

“Smart Face” / “Lo Sabe No Lo Sabe“- an international success trivia game show, where contestants are asked questions but are not allowed to answer them. They must find someone on the street to answer their question for them. If a person they choose answers correctly, the contestant wins money, then moves on to the next question. If the person is incorrect, the contestant is out of the game. “Lo Sabe No Lo Sabe”, a Spanish adaptation of “Smart Face”, premiered on the Cuatro channel with excellent ratings in August and increased its slot average by over 30%. Over 100 episodes have been aired in Spain and Argentina and the show has been sold to more than 30 countries in 6 months.

 “Shall We Kiss” is a drama, tragedy and a comedy rolled into one that reveals the most intimate fears and desires of modern life, with parallel plot lines that interrelate in surprising and moving ways. It is as hilarious as it is sad, as layered as it is revealing and as real as it is absurd. “Shall We Kiss” is the most viewed drama of all time on Israel’s Channel 10 and the show has already been produced successfully for HBO Hungary who have been producing a 2nd season in 2012. The show is also in production for HBO Romania, Russia and Ukraine for 2013

 “Get Out of My House” Is a comical reality show format that follows ten freeloading adults who still live with their parents as they leave home for the very first time to move into a private boarding school, run by three strict mentors for two months and face different challenges, away from their comfort zone. Their parents, who have long lost hope that their kids will ever leave home, encourage them to transform and thus begins a comical, yet emotional, journey towards a fresh, independent start for all. A Reshet Channel 2 production, the show was an instant success and with great ratings on Channel 2 Israel

“Last chance for Love” is a dramatic reality format that follows couples on the brink of divorce as they get one last chance to save their marriage.  Each episode centers on one couple who, with the help of an experienced marriage counselor, goes through 3 distinct stages that help them understand one another, sacrifice for one another and communicate with one another.  At the end of the emotional journey, they must make the fateful decision of whether to end their marriage, or stay together. “Last Chance for Love” is a moving reality format which takes viewers on a life journey from challenges and hardships to love and transformation. Produced by Matar Productions for Channel 10 Israel.

“E-Band” is a teen series where three 15-year-old friends live an apparently normal life: they share a great passion for music and girls, and like all other kids are just trying to survive high school life in a sprawling metropolis. But there’s something that makes them different from everybody else – they are secretly members of a virtual band with extraordinary success, yet their identity must be kept a secret at all costs…. This daily teen drama defines what all teenagers dream of; such as the desire to be rock stars with tons of fans. The reality is rather different; they are normal adolescents with passions and problems like those of any others that they have to face without the help of fame. The series outperformed its timeslot shows by over 30% for kid groups aged 4-14 and 8-14. During its screening in February on Disney Channel Italy, E-Band was the second most popular show with children aged 4-14. Produced by Brave Film Productions.

“Lola & Virginia” is a pre-teen series about the adventures of two typical high school rivals. Lola and Virginia are two 15-year-old antagonists. The show is a dynamic pop comedy with innovative and outrageous situations. Lola’s tireless imagination, which is graphically depicted in her humorous and colorful scrapbook is a key selling point for the show. Produced by Brave Film Productions.

 “The Money Pump”, a 60-minute prime time game show, puts contestants together head to head in front of a terrifying money pump where they will answer eight trivia questions against the clock to win one million shekels. Two well acquainted contestants are chosen, they answer every question separately and they are not allowed to talk to each other while the money pump is pumping unless they use a lifeline. While the host waits for questions to be answered, the Money Pump gives contestants three seconds of mercy before it starts pumping money from its cells and away from its prize fund. The pumping will be stopped only after the two contestants pick the correct answers. The second season comprises 10 new shows and is currently in production.



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