High audience ratings drive the sale of “Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe” to 30 countries in 6 months

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The doubling of Cuatro Spain’s prime time ratings and audience trends in Argentina confirm the Dori Media and Oded Menashe format’s HIT status

Dori Media Group (“DMG” or “the Company”), the international media company active in the field of television, with a focus on production, distribution, broadcasting and merchandising of daily dramas, Telenovela and entertainment shows, announces that trivia game show, “Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe”, a format distributed by DMG, has now been sold to 30 countries over the past 6 months. The show places contestants and members of the public, who are complete strangers to each other, under severe pressure, making the show both very entertaining and addictive.


Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe”, created by Oded Menashe, an Israeli formats creator and host, and distributed by Dori Media, is a trivia game show where contestants are asked questions which they are not allowed to answer themselves. Instead, to win a cash prize, contestants must ask a random member of the public to answer their questions on their behalf.


The show has been highly popular in Argentina, where it started out as a segment of an already existing show. “Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe”, helped increase the Argentinean Network’s ratings by 30%. A full program was subsequently commissioned and its ratings success led to its first season being extended to 110 episodes. When “Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe” was sold to the Cuatro channel in Spain, the channel’s average audience share on prime time doubled during the show’s slot. Cuatro Spain has already aired over 100 episodes of the show and the season is still going strong.


Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe” was most recently sold to Indie TV UK. The show has also been sold to Endemol for Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Russia & CIS and Sweden. The show is also on air on City TV in Colombia, and it has also been optioned to Belgium as well as sold to Eyeworks in French speaking Belgium.


Nadav Palti, President and CEO of Dori Media Group, commented: “The success we are experiencing with “Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe” is down to steps we took some time ago to broaden our catalogue into exciting new genres. “Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe”, is only one of many exciting new shows coming out of our distribution pipeline. We have a well established track record for discovering and distributing hit shows globally and this trivia format is part of a new generation of hit shows that we look forward to exhibiting soon at NATPE 2013 in Miami.”


Oded Menashe, creator of “Smart Face”, added: “I am delighted that “Smart Face” is proving to be such a popular format. It is very exciting when early signs emerge that a new show is going to be a big hit, and it is clear that “Smart Face” is on a winning trajectory having been sold to 30 countries so quickly with major ratings successes also being reported. The show’s success lies in its simplicity, and its concept is unique. I am confident that my vision for the show will be realized as more and more countries capitalize on its flexibility and it is broadcast across the Globe.”



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