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Season 4 of the ground breaking series of psychoanalysis drama will premiere on Brazil’s Globoplay and GNT in spring 2019


Dori Media Group (“DMG”, “the Company”) announces that Season 4 (35 episodes) of the Brazilian adaptation of the famous Israeli series “In treatment” (“Sessão de Terapia”), produced by Roberto d’avila for Moonshot Pictures, will be aired on Globoplay and GNT in spring of 2019.

The original series was first aired in Israel in 2006 with 18 different adaptations across more than 20 countries, including Argentina, French Canada, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Portugal, USA and Italy. A drama that changed the Israeli television, “In treatment” won all major awards in the Israeli Academy Awards ceremony for Best Drama series, Best Directing, Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress and Best Original Score.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group commented: “We are delighted to see the sale of another season of “In treatment” to Brazil after the outstanding performance of the 3 previous seasons. “In Treatment” demystifies the profession without trivializing the patient’s suffering. It encourages and promotes the thinking, acceptance and articulation of feelings. More than a ten year worldwide success is a ringing endorsement, which reflects the recognition of “In Treatment” as one of the best Israeli television series thanks to the high quality of its production and the drama’s international relevance.”

Roberto d’avila, Brazilian journalist, producer and author of Conexão Roberto d’avila programme commented: “This is the first time that Season 4 of this incredible story will see the light of day. “In Treatment” thus reaffirms its export potential – whether it be the episodes or even the original scripts themselves, which can expand the franchise to other countries.”

Season 4 will air in Brazil for the first time this spring, featuring the original scripts by Jaqueline Vargas, the author of the famous Brazilian soap opera Floribella. The series of 35 episodes in season 4 follows ongoing psychotherapy treatments, all shot in the therapist’s clinic. Each episode is a continuous 30 minutes dialogue between the therapist and the patient. The story portrays 5 different patients. Each day (for a period of 7 weeks) is dedicated to one person’s therapy session.

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