The bestselling show joins a growing number of international titles as Dori Media Group grows its offering of replicable formats


Dori Media Group announces that it will present its outstanding romantic comedy “Las Estrellas” along with a range of award winning formats, including Dumb, The Road to Calvary, The Best of All and Power Couple at the National Associates of Television Program Executives (NATPE) in Miami on January 16-18, 2018.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group, commented: “NATPE is an excellent platform for us to showcase our formats to the world, and we are very much looking forward to attending. This year, along with other formats of our strong portfolio which have been performing extremely well internationally over the past year, we will be presenting our award-winning show “Las Estrellas”. This charming story is on the brink of becoming a major hit across the globe, and we expect it to replicate its success in Argentina, Italy and Israel. Other latest additions to our library prove that we are succeeding in diversifying our catalogue in-line with our strategy to be innovative and meet the market globalization demand. We are confident that we can make further progress in 2018 with a greater variety of Dori’s genres meeting the needs of a very broad scope of our clients.”

“Las Estrellas”, produced by Dori Media in collaboration with Pol-Ka Producciones, is a new successful asset in terms of fiction portfolio. Following a successful premiering in Argentina in May last year, the series since then was sold to Italy, Spain, El Salvador, Slovenia, Israel and India, proving to be one of the most popular shows in the domestic and international markets. The format can travel worldwide, as the concept, the storylines and the look of the cast can be suitable all over the world. Its triumph is expected to be replicated in many other countries.

The compelling story of “Las Estrellas” is about strong characters of five sisters, challenged to live on their own after their father’s death and brought together to jointly manage an inherited boutique hotel. The series has won the hearts and minds of young audience having hit an impressive record of 80% ratings increase on average following a successful launch in Argentina, Italy and Israel.

As Dori Media expands its international footprint and the portfolio of foreign stories, NATPE 2018 will also see “The road to Calvary”, an epic periodic drama commemorating 100 years October Revolution based on the famous novel of Alexey Tolstoy. A contemporary and a friend of many legendary figures of the Russian intelligentsia of the early XX century, Alexey Tolstoy witnessed the events of the year 1917. The two sisters’ story shows the most tragic times of 1914 – 1919 with their friends and relatives on the opposite sides of the barricades. The earning for a brighter tomorrow, which is paid with blood, will pave the road to Calvary. The show had a huge success at its premiere at MIPCOM 2017 in Cannes dedicated to the centenary of the Great October revolution. It has since then seen a remarkable interest across the Globe thanks to a high budget and magnificent production.

Another beautifully written award-winning crime drama “Dumb” had a very successful year as it was chosen as one of only 20 dramas from around the world to be screened to key influencers and buyers at the recent European Film Festival in Berlin which proves a tremendous potential to further deliver excellent ratings across the Globe. Its triumph as a unique and outstanding story set to meet international viewers’ increasingly discerning tastes, was reinforced by major awards at the Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Drama, Best Actress and Best Scripts. “Dumb” has already received glowing reviews from top publications and is hitting strong ratings since premiering.

The Shiny Floor Game show “The Best of All”, produced by Abot Hameiri, will also be presented at NATPE 2018. The show pits hundreds of people against individuals, testing the theory that a crowd of people will answer a question correctly more often than an individual, and even an expert. It is currently aired on Israeli Reshet’s Channel 2 in a Friday night prime-time slot and since its launch has significantly increased ratings with Reshet’s target younger audience following a sharp drop in viewing activity among Israelis in recent years. Following three international sales to France, Mexico and Thailand, the season of 39 episodes will air in 2018.

The reality format “Power Couple”, also created by Abot Hameiri, was introduced to 10 territories, including a sale to Mexico’s TV Azteca in 2017, following a series of ratings successes in China, India, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, South Africa, Hungary and more. The show is set to become a major hit in the Hispanic world in the coming years, replicating its success in Europe: “It has already conquered Brazil and we are confident that its anticipated success in Mexico will serve as a springboard to the rest of the Hispanic market. The format has all the ingredients to satisfy the growing expectations of viewers who are increasingly spoilt for choice”, – commented Nadav Palti. The show has gained significant viewing shares in the most competitive time slots across key territories

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