“En Terapia” (In Treatment) has won the Martín Fierro Award for best TV series and/or miniseries

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Last Monday, the successful series co-produced by Dori Media Contenidos and Tv Pública
(Argentinian national TV station) won the award to the 2012 Best TV Series and/or Miniseries.
The series also won the Best Supporting Actor award by Leo Sbaraliga

APTRA (Argentinian TV and Radio Journalists’ Association) delivered the Martín Fierro Awards to 2012 radio and television productions, in a ceremony hosted at the Colón Theater.

“In Treatment” (“En Terapia“, in Spanish), the successful TV series focusing on therapy sessions, which was broadcasted from May 14 to July 14 at 10:30 PM on TV Pública, was given the Best TV Series and/or Miniseries award, competing with fellow nominees “El hombre de tu vida”, “La dueña”, and “Tiempos compulsivos”.The series also won the Best Supporing Actor award by Leo Sbaraglia competing with Joaquín Furriel (“Sos mi hombre”), Ludovico Di Santo (“Sos mi hombre”), Mex Urtizberea (“Graduados”) andRoberto Carnaghi (“Graduados”).

The series is focused on the regular practice of modern society: therapy sessions. The show portrays the daily work of psychologist Guillermo Montes, played by Diego Peretti, throughout the week, while featuring in each episode one of his patients’ therapy sessions. Season Two of “En Terapia” is currently airing Mondays through Fridays (until Saturday, August 10) on Tv Pública at 10:30 PM.

Overall, “En Terapia” received 6 nominations: Norma Aleandro was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Diego Peretti for Best Leading Actor in TV Series and/or Miniseries, Ailín Salas for Best New Actor/Actress, and Esther Feldman and Alejandro Maci for Best Screenplay.

Be tipul, the original format of In Treatment, is owned by Sheleg Producciones Ltd., and it has been licensed to Dori Media Contenidos SA. Produced by Tv Pública and Dori Media Contenidos. Both Season One and Season Two have been locally adapted by Esther Feldman and Alejandro Maci. Dori Media also distributes the format throughout the world and, to date, it has been sold to more than 20 countries, including the United States (In Treatment, adapted by HBO).


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