Shiny-Floor Game Show, The Best of All, created by Abot Hameiri and Reshet, expected to be aired in 2018

Dori Media Group announces that it has sold Shiny-Floor Game Show “The Best of All” to Thailand’s TV 3, also known as Channel 3, the leading television station in the country. The deal represents the third international acquisition of Dori Media’s “The Best of all” format after the purchase by Mexico’s TV Azteca and a French TV channel.

The season of 39 episodes will air in 2018.

The format was launched a year ago and has already been aired in a second season on Israel leading channel, Channel 2 (Reshet). The second season of the Wisdom of Crowds based game show has a new twist, introducing a special edition that brings families to the center stage.

Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media Group, commented: “TV3 is the best partner in Thailand we could have hoped for. We are delighted to sign the third international deal for The Best of All. The format provides a genuinely innovative take on the modern game show, where contestants are essentially competing against hundreds of audience members connected to the game via smartphones. As a format, it is highly replicable, has the potential to redefine its genre and it provides broadcasters with good value but high quality content. We expect the format to be very successful among TV3’s discerning viewers and increase ratings in its target audience.”

Erez Ben Harush, VP Content of Reshet, commented: “We are very pleased with the sale, “Best of all” joins the sales sequence and recognition of the content produced by the “Reshet”.

Art Kaneearch Dandumrongsuk of Thailand TV3, commented: “We are happy to be the first Asian adaptation. We have dedicated our top professional team to the format and believe it to be of a great success in Thailand. Our sponsors are excited to see a show presented in the most twisted and entertaining ways. We are adding the in-studio participation and audience interaction in order to involve Thai viewers who are so active and equally engaging on air, online and socially”.

TV3 is the leading TV channel in Thailand and is well-known for production of strong and multiform programmes since 1970. Application of the “The Best of all” format within the only non-digital channel in Thailand proves the product’s flexibility and replicability.

The Best of All airs on the leading Israeli channel, Channel 2 (Reshet). The show tests the theory that a crowd of people will answer a question correctly more often than an individual, and even an expert. This show pits hundreds of people against individuals answering visual questions for money. All the questions in the game are amusing visual questions (video segments), questions with a WOW factor, questions that are fun to watch even if you’re not participating in the game. Season 2 is all about family relationships; each episode introduces a new family team to compete with the audience from the stage.

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