Ran Abrahams carries behind him one hell of a baggage. He is 40 something with a wild past and hazardous present, he is divorced not once, but twice, and his two exes make sure to make every moment of his life as complicated as possible. And they don’t even hate him that much. This is 2016, you’re supposed to do everything like a women but still provide like a man.

Nobody wants Ran to fall in love again, not when the price he still pays for his last two loves is so high. His bank account is an extinct animal. He has three daughters from various angry mothers that think he is funny but disappointing. His own mother, a stormy red head with opinions that hurt like spears, thinks he ruined his life because he keeps on making babies.

But somewhere, in a secret drawer in his heart, Ran is not ready to give up on love, on feeling young, sexy and free one last time. Having said that, it’s not certain that gambling that last chance on a 26 years old wannabe standup comedian with great legs but an easy, hollow generation perspective, is a smart thing to do. But who said Ran is smart? He is an idiot with an Emmy Award on his shelf for the TV show that he wrote but no money to buy his young daughter a candy.