The Best of All

Shiny Floor Game Show

The theory states that the average of the answers to a question from a large audience will be a more precise evaluation of quantity than any one opinion, even that of a professional‫.‬
“The Best of All”, a new shiny floor game show, is there to find out if the “Wisdom of the Crowd” theory really works?
How many people make a “Crowd”?
It depends… There is no one answer…
But, the question remains – is the average answer from a large group of people always closer to the right result, than the answer of one?
Can one be better than hundreds?

How does the game work? Hundreds of people in the studio are connected to the game through their smart phones and compete against studio contestants. It’s a competition of the many against few.
All the questions in the game are amusing visual questions (video segments), questions with a‫ ‬WOW‫ ‬factor, surprising questions, questions in which local celebrities, television personas and athletes star in, questions that are fun to watch even if you’re not participating in the game.
The questions are based on quantification, but with a clear and specific answer.
Each question first provides preliminary visual reference (hint) which may help the participants later on in estimating the result‫.‬
“The Best of All” is a new shiny floor game show that once you start playing you can’t stop!